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TasteyServ is Creative Bukkit Minecraft server that has been hosting the same map file since September of 2011. Over the course of these four years, The map has grown tremendous in size. There are many areas to explore and to build with many different themes. One of the most notable features of our map is our extensive rail system that interconnects most major areas together.


Since we are a Bukkit server, we have plugins that make minecraft more fun to play:


Multiverse is a wonderful plugin when you get it working. We have it working now, you can see them in the dynmap. The dimensions we are currently hosting are:


June 22, 2016
Most of you are aware of the mod server we have running: ( but what you probably don't know is the amount of work taken into keeping it online. So here's the thing.
This is a lot of effort. Spigot 1.10 was the last update we did to the creative server, and it was realitively painless. It doesn't crash. The daily backups are for security theater, we'll probably never use them.
That is not the case for the 1.7.10 technic map.
Technic requires daily upkeep on the server end. The map crashes, and we have to restore it from backup due to corruption. Sometimes it just outright hangs completely and doesn't respond. Other times it will just take down the whole vps node requiring file integrity checks. So the next time it "goes down" just remember the amount of work I do to keep it up
December 2, 2015
...and we're back!
Sorry about the delay on bringing the server back online. The issue was an OS based one, not a map based one, we didn't lose anything! I've decided to make my life a bit more sane in the process, that dynmap is switching to 4 pixels per block instead of 16. The visible difference is that individual blocks will be blurry, but the overall picture for surveyance purposes is identical. I've also decided to use SQLite as a tile database instead of flatfile, so that should help a bit with backups, since there's no longer millions of PNG files, but instead it's just one db. I've taken this opportunity to add in another plugin for carts, which makes it so chunks stay loaded where there are minecarts in it. This will come in very handy in the future.
May 29, 2015
We had a bit of a technical glitch today when my IP changed. However, I used the opportunity to upgrade our plugins! I've also made dynmap about 100% more useful with chat scrollback now. We've also added back in our Tzerbei Map for a non-creative build on peaceful. The map follows the old generation algorithmns from Beta 1.6. It's a very different game now!
May 27, 2015
UPDATE: Wiki is now Closed, thanks spam bots...
Today, We introduced the new self hosted Wiki. We also introduce this website, which is pretty cool. Lastly, and, probably most important, we increased the server slots from 20 to 100 to signify that we're looking foward to bigger and better things. Here's to another 5 years of TasteyServ!